After a seven year hiatus Israelvis decided it was time to end the silence, and have made a roaring comeback with a new album, their strongest yet, followed by a string of live gigs. Israelvis arose from the ashes of punk band Angor Wat in 1988 and quickly became of of Norway's most credible alternative bands in the early/mid nineties, debuting in 1990 with the album "Heart to Heart Politics". Shortly thereafter the band released "Half Past Heaven" (1991), the EP "We Only Live Twice" (1992), and broke through with the critically-acclaimed "Albino Blue" in 1993, which was supported by massive touring in Europe. The follow up "Church of Israelvis" (1994) and "Eurosis" (1996) also became fan favorites.

The Israelvis sound has always been dominated by a sharp guitar hardrock style, with ironic, politically charged lyrics, experimentally merged with other musical influences ranging from punk, jazz, electronica, twin peaks, mambo and other sonic goodies. The bands music has been described as cutting edge, unpredictable, uncompromising and underestimated.

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